Chasing Amy

Chasing Amy ★★★★

Kevin Smith has made one of the best films in his self-owned View Askewniverse! Chasing Amy is more than a rom-com! It’s hilarious, it has the very seriously sex-related dialogue, heartwarming and heartbreaking moments between Holden and Amy, and not to mention its cameo of Jay and Silent Bob!

Chasing Amy is the story of 2 comic book artists named Holden McNeil and Banky Edwards, who’s famous for their comic Bluntman and Chronic. Holden starts falling in love with a lesbian named Alyssa Jones, who’s also a comic book artist. The distance between Holden and Banky’s work and friendship gets worse when Holden spends more time with her. Until finally, he spills out his feelings for Alyssa where they have a fight, but end up having a relationship, and brings up her sexual past.

Chasing Amy is also the only Kevin Smith film to be released on The Criterion Collection. It’s a crime to not mention Clerks being on there! But that’s another story. It is also the movie that tends to be hilarious, but have its times where it was focusing on sex and love when it needs to than just a raunchy R-rated rom-com being vulgar just for the sake of it. The point is that while the movie is a raunchy romantic dramedy, it has its very important scenes and moments, just like Silent Bob’s Chasing Amy speech! And just like everyone of them, they have a bittersweet moment at the end of them. Especially this one.

Smith has a trademark that comes to his own movies that wasn’t afraid of talking about sex, love, relationships, and even sexuality, when it’s dialogue is too much to hear from everyone’s virgin ears! Not even as someone’s Christian wholesome grandparents would love to hear it on their tv! Still, Smith’s raunchiness, and his quirkinesses, still make me say I love films like this when they were original. To me, before Judd Apatow made a name for himself, Clerks, Chasing Amy and Kevin Smith himself has gave raunchy movies with heart an influence. I’ll still watch the other raunchy comedies, but some of them aren’t that close as those from Smith or Apatow.

I give Chasing Amy 4 stars!

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