Candyman ★★★★

Finally after a year of delays, we get the release of Candyman! Just like Black Widow and Free Guy, the film had been pushed back for a summer release with a potential box office record. But will this film be just as good as the original? Let’s find out!

Candyman is the direct sequel of the original 1992 film as it follows a struggling artist who becomes obsessed with the legendary Cabrini-Green boogeyman. 

After numerous delays because of the pandemic last year, we finally have got to see the new Candyman. I liked the original film after seeing it on Netflix last year, and I watched it because of the new movie was coming out in its original date in June. But thanks but no thanks to the damned virus, we had to wait for another year! But at the same time, I can’t complain when it comes out in the month of August. Because it’s my birth month! And now I’ve yet to see Don’t Breathe 2 and Free Guy. So without further ado, let’s talk about Candyman from newcomer Nia DaCosta and Jordan Peele!

I’m going to talk about the positives, starting with the acting. The performances were terrific! You got Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Teyonah Parris, Vanessa Williams and Colman Domingo. Abdul-Mateen plays Anthony McCoy, an artist who moved in the gentrified Cabrini-Green area with his girlfriend and art gallery owner. One day, he becomes obsessed with the tale of Candyman after hearing about it the other night. It becomes so dangerous Anthony summons him and does an art exhibit as the murderous boogeyman begins killing people one by one. Parris plays Brianna Cartwright, Anthony’s girlfriend who also is an art gallery director who starts to become worried about Anthony’s unhealthy infatuation with Candyman. And Domingo is William Burke, a resident of Cabrini-Green who tells Anthony about the Candyman after witnessing him for the first time as a child.

I’m not a fan of seeing unknown actors on the screen because of their supposedly good acting in films no matter what it is, but in Candyman they pulled it off with their terrific performances because it felt like they know the legendary boogeyman. I was actually really nervous of seeing them in it because I wasn’t sure if the actors would fit into the film. But Jordan Peele and Nia DaCosta had to have good faith in their cast members!

I also love the direction from Nia DaCosta! For a newcomer, I was nervous about how she would fit in the Candyman universe. But she pulled it off with having great visuals, amazing directing, and how the kills were shot on screen! Like for example, how the mirrors were visualized and where it was time to show the gruesome kills and not to show them with horrific sound effects to give you an idea. Also, I like that Jordan Peele came on board with the desire to make another Candyman film! He had the right intentions to produce it because he is the guy who knows about the Candyman universe to take part in co-writing the script with DaCosta. I just wonder what would it be like if this was his film!

Now here’s where the truth lies in my personal negatives, and I have to tell the truth no matter how bad it hurts. As much as I liked the film, I didn’t like the third act. I didn’t like it because it was trying to slide in the home plate with the social message and it didn’t go well for me. Yes, I know this touches on social commentary with Candyman being a tragic character where he was brought up during the 19th century. But with the social messaging, it just preachy and that’s not something you want to do for the audience. And I didn’t like where Tony Todd was suppose to be in this film as Candyman, but the film shows him showing up at the last minute. I mean, come on! They had ways to make it happen and it wasn’t a good idea to let him pop up at the last minute! I would think they had come up with something or let them go on without him because it feels like an insult for the real Candyman fans.

Overall, I loved Candyman! I thought it was a good sequel to the original film and this was a very good birthday present to me! Very late birthday present, but I can’t complain. It’s not a perfect sequel to the original film, but it’s very well directed with good acting and incredible cinematography. And you know what? I can’t wait to buy this on 4K and add it to my collection! If you’re a fan of the original Candyman film and you’ve been wanting to see where it goes, I suggest you go see it in theaters now while you can!

I’m giving Candyman 4 stars!

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