Bros ★★

I made me chuckle a couple times, it had it’s charming moments, but god damn, watching this movie felt like going through a checklist. Things happen because it’s the part of the script where that happens, this is the part where they fall out, this is the part where they realize they were wrong, this is the part where they make up. If you take away the “Ha, gaaaaayyyy,” there really isn’t much else to differentiate it from any other romcom.

There’s also just how...performative it is. It’s really banking on selling itself as new and bold and edgy, like it’s this big progressive push for LGBTQ representation in film, but it really isn’t doing anything that hasn’t been done before. It completely glosses over all the prominent LGBTQ names that did a lot of the heavy lifting, Chantel Akerman, Todd Haynes, Gregg Araki, Céline Sciamma just to name a few. It’s more interested in the narrative that straight filmmakers have thus far been treating them like some kind of gimmick, which itself isn’t without merit don’t get me wrong, more stories from real LGBTQ perspectives are definitely needed, but this feels somewhat like you’re trying to manipulate the history a bit, not unlike how Bobby tries to in the film. Then there’s how Billy Eichner tries to scapegoat this film’s financial failure on straight people not seeing it, because homophobia. Like, 1. Every character in your movie is a caricature, you’re literally banking on your sexuality as a gimmick, completely tone deaf and hypocritical in the face of what you’re supposedly criticizing. And 2. What about Moonlight? Call Me By Your Name? Portrait of a Lady on Fire? The Whale? One of my favourite movies is The Handmaiden and just a couple weeks ago I saw Mysterious Skin and thought it was great. Clearly it’s not an issue holding back these other films. The whole thing just has this air of ego and contempt about it that drags it down further.


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