Blade Runner

Blade Runner ★★★★½

I don't think you can find better set design or lighting in a film for its narrative purpose, although it does borrow a lot from Metropolis in that regard. An AI science fiction film with noir elements, Blade Runner is all about power and control. From shooting its wealthy characters from high places in the city and its marginalized on the street level to its depiction of sexual assault and philosophical musings on pygmalion dynamics, Scott is interested in exploring who has (and is allowed to have) agency, especially in a hyper-technological society. In this vein, it has prophetic elements that speak into our reality today, which gives the work a timeless feel. It's also just gorgeous, well-acted, and the music is obviously incredible. I, too, just want to escape to the country side with my love.

But can we talk about how cringe the Harrison Ford voice-overs are?

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