The Kid

The Kid ★★★½

Criterion Channel

Charlie Chaplin's cigar tin looked like an iPhone for a second and I was weirded out.

What's pretty crazy to think about is that the baby in this film, Silas Hathaway, is still alive as of the time of this review and is 101 years old.

I'm sure many silent films are already in the public domain now, so its great to see such care being taken with the restoration of the picture in the Criterion release I watched. I've seen many older films on Youtube that looked like crap and had random music playing that was chosen by the uploader, that kind of thing really detracts from the enjoyment of a silent film. I usually am a bit hesitant to put one on due to this, but now that I have access to most of the classics through the Criterion Channel, I'm definitely more into the idea. I think I'll power through a couple more this week and get a head start on my "decade challenge" of watching 5 films from each decade this year.

The Kid was a cute film, but I doubt any Chaplin film will ever live up to City Lights for me.