Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island ★★★

"I suppose no man comes home from war"
-James Conrad-

Well my big problem with Skull Island is that there is no protagonist. No one to identify with. The cast is on the paper awesome with huge names like John Goodman, Samuel L. Jackson and Brie Larsson. But no one gets enough screentime. Here are simply too much characters stealen the show from another. You cant get emotional when one character die if he has three lines in total and did over and over the same thing like Brie Larsson figuere which always pulls her camera out and is amazed. Unfortunately no one can bring his figure to live and give him importance. Ok the film is a Monster Action Blockbuster and don't need complex characterers but here begins my next point what happend to King Kong. That is not the multifaceted monster we know. Kong was originally a tragic being that meant no harm and only defending his territory. He fell in love with a human and wa no t evil. All this points are more or less in the movie but how? They say in the movie tha Kong is not a evil monster. That's it. That's not good stoty telling and much of the original story getrs lost. The script is so poorly conceived because you feel that they had big plans. But there is no emotion in this movie. Remove a few characters and add more attention to King Kong himself and the movie could be much better. There are a few surprises but they let me cold because it doesn't matter. The effects are awesome and worth te Oscar nomination. Theatmosphere on the island is intense and felt real. I don't like the CGI though. It's very overloaded and is sometimes annoying Keyword Lens Flares.

After everything negative this movie when you take it what it is, a dumb Action blockbuster, makes fun. You can't expect a message, "Kong" has no meaningfulness. But I caught myself at the ending to want a Sequel. But you can't expect good dialogues or strict plan. Brain off and enjoy the cool effects and the good soundtrack and have fun.

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