léane ❄️✨

léane ❄️✨

"my whole life is just a series of loosely-related wacky misadventures"
future actress/screenwriter (if all goes well)

Favorite films

  • The Perks of Being a Wallflower
  • Encanto
  • Persepolis
  • Pitch Perfect

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  • Waitress: The Musical


  • Minions


  • Love Actually


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  • Nimona



    to be honest, i was a little nervous about seeing this movie because i loved the graphic novel and was afraid this adaptation wouldn't do it justice. but i was wrong, the movie is just as great! 
    even though a lot of the details have been changed, the story and the characters don't lose what makes them so interesting. i find that all the events are extremely well linked, and i’m glad to see the tact with which they tackle subjects that are usually so poorly presented in cinema. 
    i also really liked the colorful animation style, and the soundtrack is also really good.

  • Waitress: The Musical

    Waitress: The Musical


    i couldn't wait for the recording to come out as i've never had the chance to see the musical in real life!
    it was amazing, and even though i knew all the songs by heart i was delighted with the choices the actors made in some of their pronunciations (and gosh, sara bareilles is an angel). the staging is great, i loved how the dances didn't take over the story or the lyrics but simply accompanied them. 
    i didn't expect…

Popular reviews

  • Tangled



    the kingdom dance scene is easily one of the most underrated moments in the history of animated films.

  • Barbie



    it was exactly what i expected and at the same time not at all. 
    i had so much fun, i laughed a lot (but i think some of the jokes weren't understood by the majority of the audience because the french subtitled version didn't include all the gags) and at the same time there was a real reflection behind it and i loved the remarks made about patriarchy (even if they will unfortunately and undoubtedly receive a lot of criticism…