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  • Dead or Alive 2: Birds

    Dead or Alive 2: Birds


    Is this Miike's best film? It's certainly his most seamless weave of endearing character study, madcap yakuza fare, and poetic magical realism. Excessive in all imaginable ways, DOA2 is truly astonishing in its ability to balance moments of overwhelming kinetic violence with those of outright serenity. It helps that the plot mechanics here are just lucid enough, at least by Miike standards, though the film is not without its share of cartoon logic, particularly in the bananas final third. Still, it's hard to begrudge the prolific, unrestrained Miike for throwing in the kitchen sink when the results are this breathlessly awesome and sincerely touching.

  • Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives

    Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives


    Often cited, quite puzzlingly, as best or favorite in the series. Soft and breezy in tone yet still reliably dull in the final act, with the gore, sleaze, and genuine camp almost totally excised, edited to shit or otherwise muted, the silliness too "silly," prefabbed. The film's winking gallop is a poor approximation of the Elm Street sneer by which it was undoubtedly inspired, but the humor is perhaps occasionally effective as a tonic for the inherent cynicism of the…