Certain Women

Certain Women ★★★★

Kelly Reichardt knocks another 4-out-of-5 star movie out of the park. This one is more like a collection of sad little short stories that invite you to find threads between them. Some threads are quite obvious, if not literal. A few characters appear in multiple stories. Each story is about a character who feels isolated in one way or another, usually because they've been disparaged or ignored by a man, as if to argue that alienation is a defining experience for women.

Or at least *turns to camera* certain women.

There are a lot of scenes of women working underneath a dreary Montana sky that is, while scenic, pretty depressing. Every character is a professional, most seem to be hard working, some work themselves too hard. In particular, a story about a farmhand takes us through her day-to-day, feeding animals and hauling hay bales. It feels like Kelly Reichardt simply wants to affirm that women like this exist, showing up and putting in the hours even if nobody acknowledges them.