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  • Spring and Chaos

    Spring and Chaos


    Spring and Chaos has a lot of elements that I think should make it ripe for rediscovery in English-language internet circles. The brief runtime, the rewarding layers of literary and biographical structures, the queered protagonist, the stunning use of early 3D computer animation to represent breaks from reality, the cat people—I truly believe that Spring and Chaos is a special film that deserves a moment in the sun. We could be living through that moment.

    Please, find this on YouTube…

  • Ordet



    I got into Letterboxd originally in December 2021. I was depressed, and was distracting myself by revisiting the various Spider-Man franchises before Far From Home dropped. I was lonely, counting down the days until I could take off on a long road trip (that would grow narrower and narrower as COVID's omicron variant spread). I had leaned on a special interest in Marvel comics lore through rough patches since I was a teenager, and had certainly rode the popular wave…

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  • Dune



    Denis Villeneuve and co.'s conclusion looms for a project as colossal in scale as—well, you can guess how this analogy should go. Dune, the novel by Frank Herbert, represents a set of esoteric innovations for science fiction, capturing the pulpy tang of colonizer adventure while recognizing some of the bubbling intellectual trends of the 1960s including ecology, psychedelic psychology, and spiritual revolt. But a certain invertebrate dominates the cultural echo of Dune.

    Villeneuve and co. remain faithful to the source…

  • Drive-Away Dolls

    Drive-Away Dolls


    Ethan Coen and co. create one of the funniest MacGuffin reveals ever, and they bolster that third-act kickoff by moving fast (less than 90min!) and not sensationalizing being very, very queer. One of my favorites.

    Some scenes come together better than others, and I was left with a dizzyingly vague "what exactly just happened" sense of the plot and themes, but the banter is memorable and everyone is having a very good time being in this movie even at its…

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  • The Outside

    The Outside


    "What the fuck Stace???"

  • Barbie



    Greta Gerwig and co. concocted a sugary brew with notes of brand humor and a whirlwind tour of Hollywood film touchpoints. Drink it in too fast and you're gonna be left with a stomachache though—the novelty and magic of the production design fell off for me as the story puttered along and characters lost depth. I also personally soured on the political theory of change here as insufficient and conservative; that's a statement I readily concede is weird to make…