Rawhead Rex

Rawhead Rex ★★½

This movie has heart and a lot of the acting feels practical and decent, but it just doesn't have a dominating pace for a movie about a monster on a rampage. Contrary to that, part of me also believes that you see Rawhead way too much, both in precence and appearance. Think Predator without the stealth. I would have rather seen the crazy priest act as more of an acolyte that brings Rex his victims instead of seeing him going on Voorhees-esqe massacres, but some of those scenes are also the better part/ reason to watch this at all. This does have one of the craziest looking fire stunts I've seen, specifically for the amount of stunt actors in shot. If you're going through 80's horror, this might feel more like a rest stop along the journey, but it's worth it none the less.

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