Blonde ★★

The Lynch inspirations were way more overt than I expected. I saw the Fire Walk With Me comparison and was quite baffled by it because it was the last thing I expected, but I can see the similarities. It's less a straight forward retelling of that story and more an attempt to capture the same feeling. I think I would like this more if it was about a fictional character, but unfortunately using Marilyn Monroe just makes the concept completely insurmountable for me. It's hard for me to detach myself from the facts of her life and let the movie just take me away.

Creative liberties get always taken with films, which are based on real things. Nothing is ever gonna stick to facts and I don't expect them to. I don't even mind telling a highly fictionalized version of a real person's story, but in here the narrative is so carefully constructed to play up everything bad in Marilyn's life and to play down everything good, that the result is simply not human. It's misery porn through and through and I don't think the moniker of fictionalization is enough to excuse the approach considering the text of the film is enforcing the tragic victim narrative, which Marilyn has for decades been reduced to.

There are moments of beauty and I do like the nightmarish way the film is shot with. There are moments of unsettling surrealism and moments of visceral paranoia, which are inspired by Lynch's work, but time and time again I just come back to the elephant in the room that this is for some reason told with Marilyn Monroe when it doesn't need to be. It feels like fan fiction and it feels exploitative because it's using her as a puppet. It wants to be a story about her exploitation, but it's exploiting her for the sake of enforcing her mythic tragedy.

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