Zodiac ★★★★½

Only one problem: too many time jumps.
But David, you did it again.

Rarely do I shiver in fear when watching thrillers, and David Fincher is just that kind of filmmaker who's able and willing to push boundaries, make crazy decisions but the thing is that he knows when to take a break and intensity a situation, like music. He is making me search for documents.

While the first part is dedicated in focusing more on meeting characters with various personalities, near the end it's about obsession and the results of that obsession on family and yourself, at the same time, doing it for the good of everyone living in a small community, in a time where serial killers are not the thing anymore. Times do change, but there are also scars left open and unnoticed that need a bit more attention.

Zodiac is a deeply powerful and enthralling film packed with wonderful performances by an ensemble cast and an amazing direction by David Fincher. As always.

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