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  • Dune



    What an interesting way to begin a new year. I surprised myself with this one, too. Quite objectively, Denis Villenueve beat David Lynch in nearly every department there is yet I cannot remove the awful aftertaste of that film. With the massive buzz surrounding the former’s screen adaptation of Frank Herbert’s famous novel last year, I knew that my eagerness must be kept on the highest level possible going in because I am not a big follower but I admire…

  • Bad Company

    Bad Company

    Watch here: youtu.be/-9-DGieN8TY?t=00m00s

    So, here’s my short film and it’s called Bad Company. I could have released this a year ago but you all know the story by now. Although it is a simple work, the more we went deeper into production, the more I felt and appreciated the mysteries it had. During my writing process, not everything was planned or intentional and I think that is beautiful. It allowed me to perceive this world and the character from another…

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  • The Favourite

    The Favourite


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    Imagine The Wolf of Wall Street set in 18th-century England. Everyone is a leech in this magnificently-crafted film, everyone tries to work their way up. There are wars going outside but we particularly focus on the one inside where three major stars in the business deliver their best performances, possibly (As for Colman, it is certain, as she won her Oscar). With the clever script and performances of the highest quality, The Favourite is irrefutably…

  • Hunger



    This review may contain spoilers.

    Hunger wasn’t among those kinds of movies where the politics is all over the place. Steve McQueen is one hell of a talent in our era whose body of work tells us right away what the angle is taken, what the gist is. Hunger is like 12 Years A Slave in its explicit content, but has less to offer in its narrative. The politics is easy to digest and can reach a wider audience.