Spencer ★★★★★

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“A fable from a true tragedy”

The Crown is probably one of my all time favorite Netflix shows. It’s just an phenomenal program with great building, stellar performances and historical fragments that I’ve never heard of before (season 3, episode 3…heartbreaking…). Of course we all know how hype the fourth season was going to be since not only it had Gillian Anderson playing Margaret Thatcher, a fine role that could rival Meryl Streep’s portrait of her, but also that was the season that Princess Diana was gonna come into the picture. Now I know almost all of you have seen it so I’m not gonna dive into the starter guide to the show, but Emma Corrin’s performance of Diana really solidified me for her as an actress to look out for (and there’s a reason why she’s starring opposite of HARRY GODDAMN STYLES in the upcoming My Policeman). She gave her a childlike wonder while also pushing into the deeper realms of her future fate as a member of the royal family. She was so good that I wonder if anything would top it off if another Diana project would come along

Then, this…

Jackie is still one of the most haunting biopics ever made, and Pablo Larrin has a style that is so unique to other foreign directors, so I was already excited to see this. At first, I had my doubts of Kristen Stewart as Diana. Don’t get me wrong, she looked ok for the role, but she didn’t had the “range” for it. However, she proved me wrong, and she gave the best of the Actress nominations this year. She proved the hardships of Diana like Emma did, and even drove deeper what her purpose would have been like without sacrificing the two important things to her: her sons, William and Harry. I’m just so happy that Stewart made it AFTER MISSING BAFTA AND SAG, because honestly this performance is truly one of the best of the year. Also Sally Hawkins is a standout and deserves more talk and Greenwood’s score is stellar too. A great movie from a fine performance all around

(also please see The Crown if you haven’t thanks. And I still love Emma as Diana but both can co-exist)

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