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  • Made


    Did you just let Screech into the fucking club?

    Jon Favreau's directorial debut has some crazy Vince Vaughn energy going for it, but the story is a little shaggy. Favreau plays the main character, and he's almost always just playing the straight man to Vaughn, a dynamic that starts to get old fairly quickly and by the film's ending had me happy to turn off the TV and call it a night. The direction and editing show some signs of…

  • Black Mirror: White Christmas

    Black Mirror: White Christmas

    Trapped in a bland digital space for months on end with no human interaction and absolutely nothing to do? Can relate!

    Jon Hamm is always a joy to watch, but the structure of this episode makes the overall narrative a bit weaker than typical for Black Mirror. I did love all the Easter eggs referencing other episodes that they threw into this one, though. It's an okay episode - Mild Recommend.

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  • The Witch

    The Witch

    Wouldst thou like to live deliciously?

    Not your typical horror movie - more of an experience. The Witch is set on an isolated farm in colonial New England, the family at its center having been banished to the wilderness for being too righteous for even the church to condone. An exceedingly creepy score and outstanding performances from Anya Taylor Joy and Ralph Ineson greatly elevate the film. But the real highlight is the phenomenal screenplay. Writer-director Robert Eggers really went…

  • 1917


    Down to Valhalla or up to the throne
    He travels the fastest who travels alone

    A cinematic experience unlike anything else you’re going to see this year. Do yourself a favor and see this on the largest screen with the best sound system you can - this will not be the same on home video. And be prepared to have your heart racing for 2 hours straight. 

    The film is an incredible achievement from top to bottom, but the immersive…