• Roma



    Roma, following the life of Cleo, a maid for a family in Mexico, is a very emotional and beautiful film to watch. I had no expectations or ideas of what this film was about when first watching it, but I was instantly sucked into it and found myself entranced. The most fascinating parts to me are the sound and the use of black and white. I always pay attention to the sounds in films and love it when a film…

  • I Still Hide to Smoke

    I Still Hide to Smoke


    À mon âge je me cache encore pour fumer is one of the more unique films I have seen in a while. The movie is very hectic and feels overwhelming almost the entire time, however, I believe this was the exact intent of the movie: to immerse you into the lives of these women and feel the chaos that they, specifically Fatima, feel. The movie takes place solely in the hammam and therefore we see a very certain way that these…

  • PlayTime



    PlayTime is one of the most unique and entertaining movies that I have ever experienced. Jacques Tati presents viewers with a great number of details without an overwhelming feeling and makes what seems like a very bland world very exciting and fun. While each scene contains a main element that your attention is drawn to, there are so many other nuances that each have their own little story that makes you able to rewatch each scene again and again and…

  • La La Land

    La La Land


    I do not like musicals. I find them obnoxious, over-done, and unrealistic with the musical aspect of the film often seeming to break the flow of the story and hurting the movie overall rather than adding to it. So it means a lot when I say that La La Land completely blew me away and I fell in love with it after my first viewing. Damien Chazelle tastefully adds the musical aspect of this movie to the point where I…

  • Moonlight



    After watching Moonlight, I can confidently say that Chiron is one of the best characters I have ever seen written for a film. From start to finish, I feel like I struggle with his battle as much as he does. Because the film breaks up his life into three parts, we, as the viewers, are able to get a good grasp on the exact emotions he is feeling and understand his pain and discomfort. I found myself captivated throughout the whole movie…

  • Vertigo



    Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo is truly a film ahead of its time and paved the way for many other films in all genres. Driven by multiple twists and beautiful cinematography, this movie creates an immersive world that viewers are able to get sucked into and be entertained through the whole run time. At first, this movie seems to be a typical mystery romance story with all the elements that would be seen today in that kind of film. It was surprising to see…