Roma ★★★★

Roma, following the life of Cleo, a maid for a family in Mexico, is a very emotional and beautiful film to watch. I had no expectations or ideas of what this film was about when first watching it, but I was instantly sucked into it and found myself entranced. The most fascinating parts to me are the sound and the use of black and white. I always pay attention to the sounds in films and love it when a film brings something special to the soundscape. The sounds in this film are so detailed and bring many aspects out of the screen to produce a great watching experience. I have not seen many modern black and white films so I am used to black and white films being a low resolution. However, in this film, the shots are just as crisp as any other modern movie, but the use of black and white creates some extraordinary scenes such as the scene of the fire. The contrast of the darkness all around and the flames being so bright makes for such a beautiful effect. Overall, the story of the film is great and tugs on the emotions, but for me, the highlight of the movie is the artistic effects of the sounds and color. 

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