PlayTime ★★★★½

PlayTime is one of the most unique and entertaining movies that I have ever experienced. Jacques Tati presents viewers with a great number of details without an overwhelming feeling and makes what seems like a very bland world very exciting and fun. While each scene contains a main element that your attention is drawn to, there are so many other nuances that each have their own little story that makes you able to rewatch each scene again and again and find something new. The color pallet of the film is gray and rather dull but vibrant colors are placed every so often that pop out of the screen for a strangely amazing effect. While branching from the traditional narrative style, this movie still finds a way to entertain for its entire runtime with ridiculous yet hilarious scenarios that keep viewers guessing at what's coming next. I highly recommend that everyone watch this film, not just once, but multiple times to experience every aspect of this film.

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