Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

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In this review is a double bill one , upon which I just recently rewatched Bill and ted's excellent adventure and bogus journey back to back. Here's the link to my YouTube channel.
But now here's my written review. We meet Ted Theodore Logan played by Keanu Reeves and Bill S. Preston Esquire played by Alex Winter and they the Wyld Stallions. Now they are both gonna fail history class and they have to pass it or Ted will be in the military. One night they happened to be outside a Circle K Convenient store and then meet Rufus played by George Carlin from the future as he showed up in a time traveling Phone booth. He helps them with their history class and they have one night to do it. Bill and Ted decide to collect all the historical figures from back in history to help with their history class. The performances are solid along with the directing and writing. It's a fun nostalgic ride. I highly recommend that you watch it!!

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