The Graduate

The Graduate ★★★★★

(in theaters)

a man with no purpose, no goals, and nothing to do or believe in could be called a nihilist.

this particular nihilist started believing in things again when he fell in love. he had a purpose. he had a goal. he was seeningly cured.

then it was taken from him.

he fought for it, and got it back. but the last scene begs the question, will it even work?

a woman tried to save her daughter from marrying a purposeless man by having sex with him. 

that didn't work.

a girl went on one date with a nihilist, was trampled on for the first half, and was treated like a suburban princess for the second. she throws her life away for said nihilist.

nihilism pushes everyone away. nihilists will never be happy. ben and elaine don't have a plan or a purpose, they do have each other, but will that be enough? will they grow to despise each other because of ben's nihilism? will ben and elaine become like martha and george from nichols' previous effort? was mrs. robinson right? 

will ben ever be truly happy?

will i?

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