Logan ★★★½

did X-Men: Apocalypse lower the bar so far that Logan is considered a masterpiece? has the populus finally gotten tired of the same thing over and over from superhero movies that this is called one of the best?

yes, it serves as a worthy send off for both jackman and stewart. yes, it uses its r rating well, with the brutality of it all. and yes, it does try something different. Logan adopts a new feel/style to the superhero film, but it insists on using a ton of clichés from its predecessors. the "superheroes meet nice country family who take them in and then end up dead" one pisses me off the most, and that's like twenty minutes of this one.

another twenty minutes (or at least what feels like it) is dedicated to, i shit you not, logan passing out, waking up for a couple seconds, then passing out again, over and over.

most will probably be pleased with how badass it is, and the pathos certainly are there, but the terrible editing and laughably bad score constantly took me out of the film, so it was hard to invest myself into what was happening. 

damn, i was looking forward to this too.

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