Carol ★★★★

Okay, I admit it, I was wrong. Carol isn't a 3 star.

I've been meaning to rewatch this lately, and I felt since it's the directors birthday I might as well. Plus it seems like everyone on this site lives and breathes for this film. I remember not falling for the relationship and felt like everything dragged. But this time around things flew by!

I was swept away by the performances and how well Haynes captures the 50's. The soundtrack alone really sucked me in this time. Everything felt a lot more believable as well. Cate and Rooney can show so much just with their faces that you never want to look away. Just a simple touch of the hand has a powerful effect and brings you closer to feeling their love.

Which one thing that interested me during a scene when they're at a dinner or cafe or whatever. Rooney is giving Cate her present and they accidentally touch hands. I feel with most directors now a days there would have been a cut to really focus in on it. But instead the camera stays behind Rooney a few seats back. Yet it captures everything with no additional shots. How they both notice and act shy, to Cate smirking, and then both slowly pulling away.

Besides some poor acting from side characters and a few parts where it still felt like it dragged, it's a major improvement from last watch. Even those are things I could just be nitpicking. But who knows, on another watch things could change yet again. Cause that ending sure did sweep me away to almost giving it a half star more.

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