Moonlight ★★★★½

Nothing makes growing up harder than being "weird." In a day and age where young people are mocked for wearing clothes that aren't Nikes, having a fundamental difference from 90% of the population easily leads to traumatic experiences. And that's Moonlight.

Presented over three acts, Chiron is molded by every single experience he has and it's reflected through the traits he possesses in the next act. The vibrant yet faded neon lighting and orchestral strings drift the audience through his story in a linear fashion as if they are growing with him, and it is much more effective than starting at his adult self and revealing his backstory through flashbacks as time goes on. Each iteration of Chiron accurately adds the proper spins and twists to the character while staying true to who he is, and every other performance stunningly forces that character along his path.

It's an exceedingly simple story told in an extremely simple way that is extraordinarily effective without pushing any gimmicky agendas. Might even be a 10/10 on rewatch if it holds up.

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