Blow-Up ★★★

Cleanin Out My Closet
14th Oldest
Deliberately framed and shot, detour-laden, and as unenthused by plot as it's (pro?)-tagonist is by anything outside himself, this film is a exercise in voyeurism and obstruction, rarely yielding answers. While it may have some of the trappings of the average mystery or thriller, those details seem so peripheral to truly define the journey. And as a journey, rarely do the events skip from Point A to Point C; rather we hit Points A1 through A5, linger at Point B, before casually arriving at Point C.
Besides the similarities to The Conversation, I feel that American Psycho took inspiration from this.
Jeff Beck gives the performance of the film acting like he can't make a guitar sound exactly how he wants it to.
Rock in Peace🤘

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