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  • Voyage of the Rock Aliens

    Voyage of the Rock Aliens


    This audio/visual assault appears to have been born from the notion that The Apple didn't work because hit was too plot-heavy. Through sheer force of will, no less than 71 full songs are performed inside 95 minutes, some with music videos that rival Thriller. Jermaine even shows up!
    The lead looks like Steve Martin in profile, the rival band are discount Stray Cats clones, and there's a chainsaw-wielding manic; just cherries on top of this bizarre concoction.

  • Batman: Mask of the Phantasm

    Batman: Mask of the Phantasm


    RIP Kevin Conroy, THE Batman.
    There's little argument to be made that Batman: The Animated Series is the pinnacle of superhero storytelling; beginning with a bedrock of rich characters and history then blessed with a creative team and cast that cared about producing the highest quality stories. At the heart of the series was the perfectly cast Kevin Conroy who would bestow upon the audience the truly definitive voice of Batman. Thanks to him, it's the voice every Bat-fan hears…

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  • M3GAN



    or: If Chucky Was The Terminator
    From the intro, this struck the right tone and had me hooked. Covering similar territory as the Childs Play remake, but taking a more satirical approach this was a more successful movie for it. I was genuinely surprised I wound up enjoying it as much as I did considering my initial reaction to the trailer. Pr3tty d0p3.
    • Violet McGraw (Hill House) turns in another great performance. Talented kid. And Blumhouse seems to have…

  • Batman



    Cleanin Out My Closet
    5th Oldest
    Those that think the camp of the Adam West series, the neon toyetic exploits of Batman & Robin, or the time he pissed himself courtesy Kevin Smith were the low points for the Caped Crusader, bare witness to Batman's serialized racist propaganda adventures! A WWII-era pro-internment, jingoistic embarrassment that lets the slurs fly like Batarangs. Besides the rotten taste left from the aforementioned precedings, EVERYTHING about this is awful. The acting is awkward and everyone…

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  • Aliens



    Stands side-by-side with Cameron's own T2 as a sequel that improves upon its predecessor. Cameron's ramped up approach as well as the inclusion of several of his regular players combine to make this a near perfect action flick. Of course, much like real life, the true monsters here aren't the hulking beasts that bleed acid but corporate greed and lack of oversight.
    I'll need to revisit the Director's Cut soon to determine my preferred version, as I realized on this…

  • Barbarian



    Hooptober: The NINE-ing
    A film as good at building tension and dread as it is at switching gears and pulling the rug out from under the audience. A few dialogue and pacing issues, but the end credits have an absolute perfect song choice.
    Update: A few hours after finishing the movie, I was abruptly awoken from a sound sleep by what sounded like someone knocking on my front door! After finding no evidence of an intruder, I eventually fell back asleep. Well done, Barbarian. 👏