Knives Out

Knives Out ★★★½

I love a twisty 'whodunnit' as much as the next person and here's a pretty good recent one from a genre that had fallen out of fashion until Kenneth Branagh decided to dust off Agatha Christie's Murder On The Orient Express 43 years after Sidney Lumet's creditable '70's effort.

Don't get the knives out for me if you're a big fan of Rian Johnson's film but I don't believe it's half as clever as it thinks it is and not as impressive as personal favourites like Sleuth (1972 version, obviously), The Last Of Sheila (1973) or Deathtrap (1982), but having said that, I enjoyed it a lot, especially the brilliant production design and the lively performances (from the 'old hands' in particular). An underused Jamie Lee Curtis hasn't been this good in years and a crinkly but still handsome Don Johnson emerges from the 'Where Are They Now?' wilderness to pleasing effect, but this is Daniel Craig's picture, really. Wobbly accent aside, he's a revelation in the 'Poirot' role and on this evidence should continue to have a great screen career in his post-Bond years..

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