Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang ★★★★½

I always find one-sided nudity a bit icky (show us some penis, too! And yes, I know at least one of the nudities is a plot point, but it's still only one of them). And it's pretty galling to comment on how women in their 30s struggle in Hollywood AND THEN cast a 29 year old actress as a thirtysomething (and she was likely even younger at the time of filming). But the wit, the unexpected resolutions to scenes you think you know the direction of, the smart deconstruction of noir-tropes, Downey Jr on his best form in years make this an utter joy to watch. I'm a bit of a Kilmer-sceptic; even in his best films he tends to pick one tone and stick to it, resulting in one-dimensional performances. But RDJ is the exact opposite, saving the film with his fireworks box of charisma, ticks and cocky-charm. And after 11 years of watching him as Tony Stark, it's wonderful watching him as a character who while not totally pathetic, is at least pathetic-adjacent. A career best for almost everyone involved.

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