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  • Call Me by Your Name

    Call Me by Your Name

    pedophilia but it's set in the lush italian countryside with sufjan stevens playing in the background so it's all good :P

  • Oculus


    also uhm GORY HORROR FTW

  • Oculus


    i watched this with my family and the only reason the tv wasn't switched off in the middle because of how sexual and gory it is, is because everyone else fell asleep and i got to watch it in it's full glory. it kinda really weirded me out, but the ending scene was THE ABSOLUTE BEST, i never saw that coming, the concept was super interesting too

  • The Great Gatsby

    The Great Gatsby

    there is n0 way nick wasn't in love with gatsby or vice versa, so uh ya

  • Kappela


    c u soon but me being repulsed by their romance was actually a good thing?
    this film rubs me wrong in so many ways, like what was it even trying to say by the end, that girls should just stay in their tiny villages and men are there to protect us? also trying to make the ending seem happy when the main character, Jessy is back where it all started and even meeker than before is so annoying i don't get this film

  • Joseph


    was super excited to watch this film after everything i'd hear about it. but it was a let down ngl, the emotions portrayed felt shallow and the old guy makeover they gave Joju is so distracting idk why, some of the scenes made me cringe soooo baaaad. wasn't into the movie as a whole

  • 2012


    this film lowkey traumatized me when i was a kid, do NOT recommend impressionable kids watching this, can trigger anxiety and nightmares
    also now that i've rewatched it, this film is stupid lol

  • Watchmen


    zoomz in
    zoomz out
    zoom zoom zoom
    zoomz out

  • Hairspray



    tag yourself I'm penny getting sprinkled with holy water in the face and my mom yelling, "devil child, devil child"