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This review may contain spoilers.

After watching it twice I’ve to say that I’m surprisingly satisfied with the beginning of the series.

Part I: Nice take on order 66; bounty hunters, who know they’re bad; fine introduction of Reva, who sounds awful in German; solid new stills of Alderaan; BUT Part I doesn’t tell a real story except the last 5 minutes and concentrates on Obi Wan’s rather boring life, which is ok for a Part I, but not ideal 

Part II: leaving tatooine!; cool looking coruscant-esque Planet; great idea to have fake-jedis, but it’s Kumail Nanjiani; chase without suspense; Ewan Mcgregor’s acting whilst finding out about Anakin was terrific; Reva killed the inquisitor wtf! how is that possible; more Darth vader
First half: 6/10
Second half: 8/10

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