Zack Snyder's Justice League

Zack Snyder's Justice League ★★★★½

Man, oh MAN, what a treat it is to finally have this.

In just four hours (and after five years of waiting), Snyder wipes the floor with Whedon's embarrassment of a cut, and successfully brings forth his untampered vision to the light. Admittedly, if you're looking for something palatable for a normal comic book film, I'm afraid you'll continue to find yourself frustrated with Snyder's typical tropes and choices. But for those of us that have stood behind his vision, waiting patiently for the definitive episode of these characters teaming up - look no further. I hesitate to ever use the word "epic” nowadays, but this version is an epic almost every sense of the word - in terms of scale, world-building, music, and story. True, it has almost the exact same skeleton of the theatrical release; where Whedon's cut feels rushed, tonally dissonant, and wildly butchered, Snyder's version carries with it more depth, more heart, and more clarity than what we got four years ago. The action is fantastic, the extended story allows for more time to breathe, to feel the boiling tension, and to get to know our heroes that much better - and the payoffs to what we've seen before are entirely satisfying. Shame that there are no plans to continue this story (as of right now), but no matter. I could not be any more pleased with what is both a moment of catharsis, as well as a major sigh of relief for a longtime fan.

WB? Your challenge: let Snyder make his last two parts. For Autumn.

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