Ocean's Eight

Ocean's Eight ★★★

My God, was this fun. I know a lot of people were disappointed by this, but honestly, it's just what I expected from an all-female reboot of this beloved franchise. Everyone in this looked like they had a blast, and though the heist itself was nowhere near as complex as some of the other films, it still was cool to watch unfold. Stand-out here was definitely Anne Hathaway - who gave a great balance of that oblivious self-obsessed celebrity and smart and conniving. I absolutely loved the Met Ball-setting on this, as not only did it give some real-world significance, but also allowed for a beautiful set-piece for the grand heist to occur. Gary Ross did well here, but I can't help but miss Soderbergh's touch on these films. Thankfully, here each of the characters has their grand time to shine, and they all do it so elegantly and so smart. The final part might have dragged a bit, but there's a good small celebrity role and a minor twist to keep things rolling to the end. I really hope this does well enough for the series to continue, because honestly, most times the women do the job better than the men did.

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