Da 5 Bloods

Da 5 Bloods ★★★½

I love Spike.

If you have the funds or ability to find a torrent, his Masterclass on independent filmmaking is incredibly entertaining and engaging. 

That being said I wish I could fall in love with this as much as his 90s output. Similarly to “The Irishman” there are too many moments that I felt could’ve been cut and cinematography thats just dry. I was also disappointed in how few characters in the 5 stood out besides Paul in terms of defining character traits. Although Paul is supposed to take center-stage, there should’ve been more effort to create distinctive qualities between the members if it’s called “Da 5 Bloods.” I also felt like the action scenes were just cartoony and didn’t fit in the context of how dialogue-driven and heartfelt the rest of the film was.

Other than that I was really blown away at how Spike tells a story about the ripples of trauma in such an orthodox way. @Raymond predicted that I wouldn’t like the editing, and he was right, (the abundance of fades, scenes that went on forty seconds too long, and shitty fonts got to me) but that aside it’s hard to forget a movie like this. It’s very heartfelt and just ballsy in terms of its storytelling. 

Not my favorite but a joint!

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