Knives Out

Knives Out ★★★★

Advance screening at Alamo! Probably the most fun I've had in theaters this year. So exciting, and a true ensemble cast. I love Ana de Armas so it was nice to see her in a decent role again.

The only dig against the movie I have is the guessing game was a touch too easy. I'm not great at seeing seeing ahead in thriller type movies, especially a dead on who-dunnit. Somehow in this one I knew what was coming up each time. Small gripe. The screenplay was good enough to make it a blast even without what you would expect to main the main element in this Christie novel.

Every character is so fun, they all knock it out of the park. Christopher Plummer is one of my absolute favorite actors when allowed to be playful like this, he is just brilliant. Story wise, you couldn't ask for better. Wonderfully thought out, but like I said, I wish it was laid a little better for surprise. Lakeith grounded the film so well.

Ugh, man I just loved this, everyone should go see it. For those Star Wars haters out there (or, lovers of classic and haters of new), please don't be discouraged by Rian's last outing with Disney. He makes up for it all here. Although I don't think he was as bad as everyone likes to say last time around either. If he continues down this path he will draw me to the theaters for years to come. A blast.


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