The Batman

The Batman ★★★★½

Damn this was really good. I was very excited for it and it still exceeded my expectations. The acting was phenomenal especially from Bobby Pattinson and Paul Dano. I just wish he had more screen time to really show it off. But everyone really did so well in their roles. I was hesitant on Zoe Kravitz as cat woman but her in the red wig truly sold me on it. 

Everything audio/visual wise was fantastic. A solid 10. Bruce’s house was so sick, the batcave was phenomenal, the moody shots (specifically the ones with the red light) was soooooo dope. The music was great, not only the choice of Something in the Way and Ave Maria, but the way these were interpolated into the score later on. 

The chase scene was perfect. Cheesy? Maybe. But I was too stoked the entire scene to even care a little bit. I won’t spoil anything but hot damn it was rad. Plus the batmobile is in maybe it’s coolest form of all time. Different vibes than the tumbler but still sick. 

My only complaint was the final act. I understand that it was vital to character development and if they do more movies then it’ll absolutely have been necessary but idk I didn’t like it too much. 

Overall it was just such a fun ride. I need to watch The Dark Knight again to see how this one really compares but I could definitely see it topping it.

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