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  • Psycho
  • No Country for Old Men
  • Some Like It Hot
  • Crimes and Misdemeanors

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  • The Falcon in San Francisco


  • Kitty


  • The Man with the Rubber Head


  • Stop Thief!


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  • The 'Human' Factor

    The 'Human' Factor

    I feel like Liam Neeson must've seen this and liked it, but felt that George Kennedy came across as too much of a schlub, as he had too vague a set of skills. It's not especially strong, but I didn't have high hopes for Edward Dmytryk's final film and was pleasantly surprised, though seeing Criterion Channel's presentation was a little disappointing, getting an old master in "full screen" for an old home video release.

    John Kinsdale (Kennedy) returns home from…

  • Susan Slept Here

    Susan Slept Here


    Dick Powell had pulled off the miracle of transitioning from 1930s crooner/romantic lead to hard-boiled noir lead with roles in Murder, My Sweet, Pitfall, Cry Danger and others, before making his final big screen appearance here. Nicholas Musuraca, on the other hand, had worked as director of photography on over 150 films by the time he shot Cat People in 1942, going on to shoot over half of the Val Lewton/RKO horror classics, The Spiral Staircase, and many films-noir, like…

Popular reviews

  • Bachelor Mother

    Bachelor Mother


    Only in a screwball comedy could a woman recently fired from her job, after a case of mistaken identity ending up with an unwanted adoption, and dating her boss, feel like a basic plot.

    As much as it's not perfect I ended up loving Bachelor Mother, as it's right up my alley. I always adore Ginger Rogers, she's great again in the lead here. David Niven is well cast, as he's able to play both the irresponsible cad who's heir…

  • Waltzes from Vienna

    Waltzes from Vienna


    Nothing spectacular, but my expectations were so low that I found a surprising amount of enjoyment. Though I went in blind, I'd heard it was Hitchcock's worst, got the impression that it was a stuffy period piece that Hitchcock basically slept his way through the making of. Instead I found a comedy with a solid amount of humor landing, a solid cast, a few masterful bits of filmmaking, and as it's a Johan Strauss Jr. biopic, there's of course a…