Glass Onion

Glass Onion ★★½

Both of these now have the same issue: they prioritize catharsis and rip-roaring audience satisfaction over an interesting mystery. I sincerely believe Rian Johnson is capable of both, but it's disappointing to see the actual whodunit regress between movies. I haven't seen Knives Out since 2019, but its images have imprinted more substantially on me, and I found its craving for a big satiating ending less of an obstacle.

I'm thankful to have experienced Glass Onion in theaters, because I probably would've barely laughed if I streamed it alone. The satire is not particularly biting, because the politics behind it only know what to aim at, but not what to shoot with. There's a way to finesse an easy watch into a thoughtful expression, but it's half-baked here. And I just can't get over how much of the actual mystery is a thud for me. Like, if it just turned the screw 3 more times, there could've been something sublime. By contrast, Knives Out had me wanting just 1 additional screw turn.

Benoit Blanc is as delightful as everyone says, though. Daniel Craig's performance and the formal accomplishments of the film are still enough for me to want a next one.

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