• Jolt



    Kate Beckinsale gives a good performance, basically just beating people up and swearing but that’s all fun with me. The story is very basic, and I really didn’t expect this to be a comedy attempt but once you get used to the style of it, it’s enjoyable enough.

  • Free Guy

    Free Guy


    Really cool concept, nice visuals and action scenes. Good cast, Ryan Reynolds is great for this sort of role but Jodie Comer was my favourite character. Overall just good fun.

  • Saw IV

    Saw IV


    All over the place. Feel like giving up with these films now 😂

  • The Rundown

    The Rundown


    One of the films I walked out on at the cinema back in 2003, I was young and with a group of friends expecting Stifler to bring comedy similar to American Pie (which everyone loved obviously). All these years later and I finally watched the whole film, turns out it’s actually pretty decent.

  • Freaky



    Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse, Happy Death Day and now Freaky...Christopher Landon sure knows how to make a fun horror comedy movie 🍿

  • The Night Comes for Us

    The Night Comes for Us


    One of the most violent films I have ever seen!!

  • Assault on Precinct 13

    Assault on Precinct 13


    John Carpenter music scores >>>>>

  • Commando



    “We'll take Cooke's car. He won't be needing it.” 

    Always a blast to revisit this film.

  • Shaft



    Pretty good story wise, great cast. Samuel L. Jackson with a gun is always gonna be fun isn’t it...

  • Saint Maud

    Saint Maud


    Very tense and atmospheric with a great central performance by Morfydd Clark.

  • The Children

    The Children


    The characters in this are all unbearable, constantly talking and screaming over each other so much that you could barely make out what their conversations were. 

    There is some good kills here though and some nice camera shots. No explanation of why everything happened though.

  • The Experiment

    The Experiment


    Really cool concept, and the cast are solid. Some of the stuff that happens here is awful and the ending didn’t amount to much but a decent film overall.