No Time to Die

No Time to Die ★★★★½

Okay, so, I'm often effected by recency bias. BUT. James Bond has been a part of my of my life since I was like 4. I've probably spent more hours watching him than any other movie character. When my dad and I would go to rent movies, there would either be a Bond or Clint Eastwood film. I know I shouldn't have admired James, but I once walked up to my dad(I was probably 6 or 7)and told him I wished my dad was 007. I'm not sure exactly why I said it, or what I even meant, but he was pretty upset. I just love this entire franchise, it has given me so much fun and joy throughout my life. I'm an emotional movie watcher, and every Daniel Craig Bond film has brought those emotions. They have always made me feel like a kid again, watching those Connery and Moore films.

So as I said with recency bias, this might be my favorite Bond. I know, I know.
Casino Royale brought some much needed emotional elements to the franchise, but this one went all in on it. The stakes felt higher than ever before, with some really tense moments where you're not sure what might happen. I could feel my heart beating in my throat for that whole third act. There was everything you'd want in a Bond movie, incredible action, great locations, and some quality fashion. Oh, those Land Rovers were gorgeous too.

Daniel Craig was an excellent 007, its sad to see him step away from the role, but im excited to see who comes next.

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