First Cow

First Cow ★★★★½

there wasn’t a single film made and released in 2020 that looks prettier than First Cow. the film grain, the melancholic frontier, the handsome cow. it’s impossible to imagine a more suiting visual language for the story of two friends. twee two men meet, bond, hustle, grind, make that bread (literally and figuratively), and die together. as the opening quote explains, humans tend to dwell in friendship, and the events of this movie are a tender ode to that idea. the two leads have a lot of chemistry and the acting overall was excellent throughout the cast. i was also really impressed with the tracking shot of the canoe towards the end, echoing the shot of the boat at the beginning. in this way the end of the movie features the same shots as the beginning, not as bookends, but as juxtaposition of time. a nod to the timelessness of friendship and the temporality of everything else.

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