Another Round

Another Round ★★★★

wow. just when i was thinking 2020 was going to go down as one of the worst years for cinema in recent memory, i was able to find a movie that stands above the crowd. in Another Round, four high school teachers going through a midlife crisis decide to take up an experiment in which they will maintain a BAC of 0.05%—but only on weekdays so as to not become alcoholics. the rest of the movie’s plot unfolds from this premise. there’s a lot of cliches and predictability in this movie, but it absolutely works for the most part. showing close-up shots of food and drinks, the movie really opens up your senses of smell and taste. the debilitating and unsteady camera of this Dogma 95 cornerstone actually helps the audience to experience the buzz of the characters. the segmented editing also furthers this effect. never quite sure if the alcohol is helping or hurting, we watch these men drink through tragedy and triumph. the final scene of the film features mads mikkelson dance so freely and beautifully that it alone is worth the 110 or so minutes that come before it. it’s likely that not a lot of people will catch this film before the new year, but if you do, it’s an absolute banger to end the year on. cheers!

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