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  • The Superdeep

    The Superdeep


    An interesting Sci Fi cosmic body horror film that is hampered by a sluggish plot and an unnecessarily long runtime.

    Overall this is a very inventive and quite disturbing film that features some great effects, cinematography and soundtrack, along with a very solid core concept. I think the film will be appreciated most by fans of films like Annihilation, The Thing and The Void, all films I love. However, unlike those films there are serious issues around pacing in here,…

  • Caveat



    Constant, oppressive unending dread. A highly impressive directorial debut that is genuinely chilling and unsettling throughout. An original slow burn horror well worth a view on Shudder.

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  • The Vigil

    The Vigil


    This may be easily brushed off as another bunch of Blumhouse bullshit, but I believe there is a lot more to this film. Let me explain...

    Let me first say this does have three key flaws. The lighting for the most part aims for moody and glum but lands more into the range of 'I wish I could see a bit more'. Alongside this, the middle act of the film has 3-4 jump scares that were not earned and really…

  • The Terror Within

    The Terror Within


    In a low budget knock off, nobody can hear you scream...

    Yet another barren post apocalyptic desert with a military research bunker slap bang in the middle becomes the focus of this proficiently made low budget knock off of Alien. The research bunker is eventually infiltrated by a mutant humanoid creature intent killing all the guys, and impregnating all the gals and it's up to some wooden characters to stop it.

    I didn't go into this film with high hopes…