The Exorcist

The Exorcist ★★★★★

Well yes of course it’s 5 stars

Just an all around banger of a horror movie and I’ll be honest, the first time I saw this I was 16 or 17 and I was all “what’s the big deal” like some arrogant little twatwaffle of a teenager WOULD say. The older I get, the better this movie gets and the more frightening I find it and while personally I have no religious beliefs, I can see why this fucking terrified an entire generation. It may be the first time that mass audiences were told to basically go fuck the belief system that had been instilled in them because if the devil could possess an innocent little girl then nobody anywhere was safe. I love it.

My mom swears this movie fucked her up something awful when she saw it in the theater back in 1973. She also swears Psycho is the reason she takes baths only and washes her hair in the sink so she could be somewhat overly impressionable? But yeah this movie DID fuck people up and that hasn’t happened in a long fucking time so my hat is always off to any movie that powerful. And of all her many wonderful stories, this is one of my favorites because please tell me about how you went to these horror movies and it literally reshaped you and defined your notion of fear because your son is not right in the head and it gives him actual life force! Feed me your terrified tales!

Also, Ellen Burstyn gives one of the best performances ever put on filmé so that just solidifies the full 5 star rating.

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