Terror Train 2

Terror Train 2 ★★★½

I honestly kind of love this movie just for existing. Nobody in the world asked for a remake of Terror Train, but Tubi just threw one at us anyway and then like a month or two later was like “oh here’s another one bitches” and threw us the most ridiculous possible idea for a sequel with not even the slightest hint of shame and isn’t that just beautiful? My respect for Tubi is at a peak level.

This movie has all of the survivors of the first movie getting on a train for a New Year’s Eve party because the remake was a Halloween party and that was the only difference between it and the new year theme of the original. Of course in real life there isn’t the slightest chance this would ever happen, but somehow it actually makes for a better movie than the first one?

It’s full of references to social media and there are vapid characters obsessed with monetizing the tragedy of the first movie and it’s all silly and stupid and oddly fun. My only beef was the way they did one of the cool characters from the first movie real dirty in this, but whatever. 

I would love to see Robyn Alomar become a scream queen because she’s pretty great and does this entire ridiculous sequel like a true scream queen pro.

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