Speak No Evil

Speak No Evil ★★★

We have new neighbors that just moved in next door. They are a nice, attractive, friendly couple. We have talked about getting together for a few months now but never done it and it’s movies like this that make me not even want to try because you really never know what strangers are like. It’s probably just my constant negative outlook, but better safe than locked in a basement dungeon!

I thought this was good although it’s not “one of the years best” like I’ve heard a lot of people say. The story really wasn’t original and you expected things to go pretty much exactly how they went so there wasn’t much shock value there for me. It’s kind of a Funny Games meets The Strangers kinda deal which isn’t a bad thing. It just didn’t really do anything to stand out from similar films.

Still, I did like how even though most rudimentary scenes were filled with premium uncomfortable vibes although I’m not sure how the protagonists remained so oblivious. Honestly, so many opportunities for the them to leave for one, but more importantly to just slap the shit out of the antagonists and then leave yet not a single slap was given. I would have thrown hands all up in that bitch.

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