Sisters ★★★★

It’s been so long since I watched this Hitchcockian thriller that I totally forgot just how Hitchcockian it is!

A reporter witnesses a murder and decides to investigate only to find herself in the middle of a story that could be her last! Obviously, there’s the plot homage to Rear Window, but there are so many similarities to Hitchcock’s entire aesthetic. If I were to watch this without knowing anything about it, I would probably think it really was by Hitchcock. Not that De Palma doesn’t add some nice touches on his own. There’s a split scene sequence that is just brilliant.

I love Margot Kidder. Every role she plays has that subtle hint of batshit crazy and I am here for it. Also, the woman at the mental hospital who completely and epically loses her shit when a stranger uses her freshly cleaned phone is so very highly relatable to me. Anyway, this is a totally underrated thriller that deserves all the love. It’s a hefty dose of Hitchcock with a dash of Cronenberg, but it still tastes like good ol’ De Palma.

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