Nocturne ★★★½

One of a series of four Blumhouse “made for tv” style movies on Prime which I love the idea of because that’s how they’ve been doing in Italy since the 70’s!

Oddly, I’m quite a fan of horror movies where musical instruments feature strongly. Rarely are they cursed objects, but the musician is so driven to perfection that they will do anything to get it and that’s what happens here. The performances were great and I really related to Jules as someone who is willing to push herself without hesitation to get what she wants because she knows she’s good enough. That is 110% me with health right now. I want my pre COVID and pre alcoholism body back so I’ve been hitting the gym before dawn every day, eating healthy, getting enough sleep, etc because I know I can do it and I’m going to come back better than ever. Sometimes OCD is a good thing! But would I accept a little demonic help? I might!

Anyway, this is a fairly slow burn, but it’s very involving and I enjoyed it. It’s not your typical “deal with devil” story as the devil or demon is never shown so that begs the question of how much this is a demonic horror movie and how much it’s a psychological horror movie. I won’t give my thought here, but I will say it’s definitely worth a watch!

Also, I love how that poster seems a bit odd until you watch the movie and then you’re like actually that’s a perfect choice.

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