Malignant ★★★★★

Malignant?! More like Magnificent ohhhkkkkaaaaaaayyyyyy!!

Wow! I have not been this pleasantly surprised by a movie in quite some time! I was NOT READY, Mr. Wan!! Just an absolute balls to the walls hour and 50 minutes of sheer what-the-fuckery and I ate up every single bit of it! Weird, wild, wonderful, and honestly unlike anything I can think of in recent movie history.

Return of the Giallo?? SWEET BABY JESUS I HOPE SO! This was so hardcore and unapologetically full of serious giallo vibes that I sincerely hope it ushers in a renaissance for the kids today. This fucked up world needs a little Giallo goodness and Wan fucking knows it BLESS HIM. 

I really just adored every second of this Basket Case With the Matrix Plumage mishmash delight that came screaming out of left field mere days before my birthday which of course is as it was fated to be…or so I’m telling myself. I’m picturing James saying “yeah release it mid-September, Tony will love that”. Shut up, it works for ME.

And the score! Give me ALL that 70’s-esque synth shriek bow shredding grandiosity ALL the time. Damn James you really went and did the thing to an eleven! Sweetie you are just KILLING it!

And Annabelle Wallis who did absolutely nothing for me in the coincidentally named Annabelle really did a 180 and gave a great performance here. Always a pleasure to see Jacqueline McKenzie ever since I fell in love with her in The 4400. And we just need to see more of George Young altogether *wink*.

I’m really glad the ol HBO Max subscription keeps paying for itself. I’m really not sure I would have been in an hurry to see this had it not been so accessible and that would have been a shame because I would have missed out on what surely will be my favorite movie of this year!

Malignant 2 Hype Train lessssss go!!!

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