Ma ★★★½

This movie is so deliriously over the top you almost have to wonder how it became a theatrical production, but I love that it did because it’s exactly the kind of ridiculousness I’d like to see more of in theaters.

Octavia Spencer is hands down the best thing here and I can’t imagine anyone else doing the role justice. So many great little lines and looks and things that she does that just made me love her psycho character so much! There’s also Juliette Lewis, Allison Janney, and a scene where we get to see Spencer grab Luke Evans penis while he lies naked on a bed and even though it’s a prosthetic, I’ll take all the Luke Evans nudity he’s willing to give.

This really needs a sequel that just cranks the batshit level all the way up to 100. The kind of sequel that every critic hates, but fans eat up and beg for more. The kind that does something insane like put Ma in space. Make it happen, Blum!

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