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  • Let the Corpses Tan
  • The World of Kanako
  • Climax
  • Female Prisoner #701: Scorpion

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  • Alien Goddess

    Alien Goddess


    Pretty ambitious, but that's all the praise I can give. It's a difficult watch for a number of reasons. The most prevelant being the total lack of technical skills, with shoddy camerawork and distractingly bad editing. Those color-grading masks are an absolute eyesore. The terrible pacing also doesn't help. I applaud the attempt to make something like this on a shoestring budget, but the lack of talent does get in the way of that. Feels like a filmstudent debute, but apparently Marawell directed another feature film about seven years prior to this. Ouch.

  • La Abuela (The Grandmother)

    La Abuela (The Grandmother)


    A really stylish effort from Paco Plaza who once again delivers a creepy genrefilm that will rank among the best this year has had to offer. Within the confinements of the appartment, his directing is extremely effective in setting a mood while keeping a steady pace, paired with convincing dramatic acting it's simply an all-round solid film.

Popular reviews

  • The Laughing Dead

    The Laughing Dead


    What a hidden gem! I remember buying this for close to nothing on DVD a couple of years back, without any expectations at all. I noticed it was also released in the US as a double feature with The Video Dead (1987), let that be an indication! This one also is a completely bizarre, ultra cheesy and extremely gory genrefilm, very typical of its time with a complete disregard for logic. Simply putting in all the wild ideas they could…

  • The Special

    The Special


    This definitely played out like a Henenlotter-light (Bad Biology in particular) and I'm all for it! Such a fun, weird sexual bodyhorror type flick. Much better than Harrison Smith's previous films. Not necessarily a completely original concept, but it's definitely not that common. With a clever and extremely grotesque ending. Some truly repulsive effects to be enjoyed here. It takes some patience to get there, but it's most definitely rewarding.